Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finding ways to spend less $$

Recently Jeremy and I have been trying to come up with ways to cut back now that we have two children. Here are some things we came up with. As we come up with more ideas, I will share! (WARNING- To some of you these may seem silly, but we are just trying to think of anything we can to save a little cash each month as we live on one income.)

Jeremy hung this clothesline for me. I have already used it to dry this set of sheets (which look funny because they are half dry and half wet), 2 tablecloths, and an extra sheet. He set up a pulley for me, which will be nice to use when I am hanging up smaller things. I will probably continue to dry some things in the dryer like Vance's clothes, but we will still end up with a cheaper power bill, which is nice considering it has been about $225 a month even with the A/C set at 77 degrees. (I just can't tolerate it any warmer than that. If you can, I admire you!)

We have been buying bottled water ever since I got pregnant for several reasons- convenience, motivation to drink water, and the health of the baby in the womb or nursing baby. Now that I'm not pregnant or nursing I don't really have an excuse to buy bottled water, so I went to Target and bought a Brita Ultramax pitcher. It's 18 cups, which is a nice size. Now I have the cold water that I love at a cheaper price. (If I could only get more motivated because for some reason I drink more when I am drinking out of bottles.)

This one doesn't really count, but I thought I'd include it anyway. Samuel loves apples and would eat several a day if we let him. I don't know if you realize that apples aren't cheap. Well, yesterday while Jeremy was hanging the clothesline, a neighbor told him to make sure we picked some apples from his trees because they are just falling off and rotting... We were thrilled, and Jeremy and Samuel went apple picking. Thank you Lord for a little blessing like free apples! (I think I might try to make applesauce too because I love it!)


  1. Marianna,

    These are great ideas! I love homemade applesauce! It is easy - hope you get a chance to make some!


  2. love the picture of him picking the apple off the tree.