Monday, August 31, 2009


Vance is growing up. He turned 14 months old on Aug. 16. I have taken my time weaning him from the bottle, and I am happy to say that I am packing the bottles up today. They will stay packed up until the Lord blesses us with another little one.

These pictures were taken last week at the beach (Destin, FL). Vance didn't care much for the sand and really just wanted to be held while we were at the beach. That is the only time I have held him for an hour straight since he was tiny, so I enjoyed it. Can you believe he sat in my lap for an hour at the time? He also played in the waves, but I didn't get pictures of that since Jeremy and I were in the water with both children. I also got a Baby Spring Float for Vance before we left for the beach, and we used that a good bit in the water. I highly recommend it for the beach and the pool. (I got it on clearance and then with extra bucks from Walgreens, I only paid $3 for it.)

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