Monday, August 10, 2009

Funny story...

A few minutes ago I was noticing that we have a follower of our Apartment Life blog, so I went to her profile to find out more about this person. Anyway, without saying a word to Jeremy I proceeded to read her blog. One of the first posts was a CARES video. I figured they too are a CARES Team. WOW! Small world... Anyway, the video is called Small Things. I watched it a few minutes ago and you can imagine how shocked I was when I heard Charles Thornton (VP of Apartment Life) say our names in this video. Even crazier is that he came to speak tonight at our monthly CARES meeting... Small world.

So, Jeremy is in bed asleep beside me, but I woke him up when I heard our names in the video. He and I were both speechless since no one ever mentioned this to us... He watched it and went back to sleep.

By the way, it turns out that Nine Mile found our blog when she and her family were considering CARES, and now they are a CARES Team. Jeremy told me that she commented on our blog months ago. He and I discussed it so long ago that I didn't remember...

This two minute video was made for CARES Teams, but I wanted to post it for you to see that little things all of us do, do make a difference. Remember that God calls us to the little things with great love. Thanks for your prayers and continued support!

Small Things from CARES Team on Vimeo.

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