Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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As most of you already know, Jeremy is currently building a rubble home on the campus of Southern Poly in Marietta, GA for the purpose of testing. They installed a live webcam, so you can watch the progress of the home. It is very interesting to see. Today we watched them put up the frame. They are still working on the frame. Tomorrow or Friday they will add rubble. Southern Poly also has a website for the project. If you are local and would like to visit the home, please let me or Jeremy know. He works there Monday-Friday (and some Saturdays). Come Sept. 15 he will no longer be there, as we will be in Haiti, so make a point to visit before then.

We want to thank our supporters for their prayers and financial support. Without them it wouldn't be possible! (If you would like to join our support team, let me know.) Our family of 4 leaves for Haiti in 2 weeks. Please keep our family in your prayers while we are gone. Here are some specific requests: no issues at our home while we are gone, safe travels, good health, specific prayer for Vance's lungs and Samuel's stomach, God's protection, quick adaptation for the kids, memorable times as a family, and that we would be salt and light to all we meet (Haitian and American). I am getting excited, but as you can imagine, I still have so much to do before we leave.

God has blessed our family with the opportunity to spend a little over 2 months in Haiti, and if you would like to follow my blog while we are gone, I am going to go private and will add your email address. If you have already told me to add you, I have your information, but if not, please make sure you let me know to add you. I will blog as I have time and internet permit. As most of you know, there is internet in Haiti, but the connection is spotty and doesn't allow for video (not even Skype). Phone service is also spotty. If you want/need to get in touch with us while we are gone, I will NOT have my cell phone. Jeremy will have his cell phone though. We will also be checking email daily if the internet is working.

One verse that is meaningful to our family as we prepare for this trip is Joshua 1:9- "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Even the children have learned this verse through a Youtube video (song). I know some of you may wonder what we are thinking going to Haiti during hurricane season or at all for that matter, but I think the above verse pretty much sums up my answer to that question. I am not afraid because my hope is in the Lord, and I know that fear is from Satan himself. I choose not to fear, and I pray you won't fear for us. When you watch the weather or the news, instead of being afraid for us, just pray for God's protection over us. He is in control!

Before I close, in November 2010 Chris Tomlin came out with a song called I Will Follow, and that song has meant so much to me that I want to share it with you. Jeremy has traveled back and forth to Haiti every month for 18 months (other than October 2010 when he had Giardia). It seems like just when I was missing Jeremy or having a tough day alone with the boys, I would hear this song: I Will Follow. It ministered so much to me! It was a clear reminder that Jeremy was following God, and I knew that, that is exactly what I wanted Jeremy to be doing. I praise God that he has etched this song on my heart, and regardless of the outcome, I will follow Him all the days of my life.

Thanks in advance for your prayers! We thank God for you! He has blessed us with so many friends and family who love us and lift us up to the Lord in prayer. :)


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