Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gotta love a good deal!

I just love a good deal and wanted to pass along some Huggies' coupons and Kroger info.. After I used manufacturer's coupons and a $3 Kroger deal, I paid $5.50 plus tax for a pack of Huggies today at Kroger. You have to spend $15 in Huggies to get the $3 deal, which I did by buying 2 Jumbo packs. It was such a deal that I wanted to share.

For $2 coupons, go to: Huggies Coupons. My Penny Pile posted them.

I have to say that I've converted. To Huggies that is! I used to love Pampers (LOVE, LOVE LOVE), but I started finding more deals on Huggies and bought them since Vance is such a heavy wetter and doesn't do great in cheap diapers. I still use Parent's Choice (from Wal-mart) at home, but I prefer Huggies... Anyway, last week when I was serving in the nursery, I changed several diapers and disliked the smell of the diapers I changed. Well, guess what? They were all Pampers. I guess I was immune to the smell for the last 3 years. It's funny that Luvs bothered me though???

Speaking of Wal-mart, I got a call last week from Schlesinger Assoc. about a focus group for Moms that have done a baby registry in the last year. I was so excited because it's only 2 hours and pays $125. YAY! (I can't tell you how many times I have tried to do one of those groups and have been denied... ) We will be spending some of the 2 hours at Wal-mart, so maybe Wal-mart is trying to step up their game by sending Moms in their stores to talk about registries.

Have a great day and happy bargain shopping!

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  1. Do you know that you can send your reciepts for Huggies into Caregivers Marketplace and get another 75 cents back per package. You have to send in receipts for 5 or more packages (I save them and send a bunch in at a time) and they'll send you a check. Balmex Diaper creme is also on there (as well as Huggies swim diapers) - I think that's $1 back per tube of Balmex and I'm not sure about the swim diapers. It's great and with that extra deal and all the coupons out there - I usually get Huggies cheaper than anything else. Except for Parent's Choice. Those are my 2 diapers of choice as well. The smell of Pampers is what really turned me off to them as well - you don't realize how perfumy it is until you've been away from it for a little bit. AND... have you ever used Diaper Doublers? I've only seen them at Publix but it's a diaper insert that you put in the diaper and it doubles the overnight absorbancy. With that, Megan can sleep in anything - without it - ugh! And they are cheap - like $4 for a pack of 40 doubler liners.