Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 sweet boys on my mind

This morning I have 4 sweet boys on my mind- Samuel, Vance, Dawson and Stellan.

Samuel and Vance are always on my mind since they are my babies!

Precious Dawson and Amy are doing well. If you would like to read more about Dawson's birth and see pictures of him, check out Amy's blog. As I expected, he is adorable! You can still be praying for Amy to have a smooth recovery and for her to get some much needed sleep. (She lost a lot of sleep during her pregnancy.) Also, pray for tiny Dawson as he eats, sleeps, and grows. He is a tiny baby compared to Bryce at birth; Dawson weighed 6 lb. 4 oz..

If you have been praying for Stellan, keep it up. He is still in SVT (high heart rate). The doctors don't know how his heart and body are still tolerating it after 4 days of SVT. I know how it's possible- the Lord has been working! He's a miracle baby! Please pray with me that the Lord would heal his heart. MckMama posted about his heart condition yesterday. He has an extra electrical pathway in his heart, which causes the SVT. If things don't get better (like Stellan going into heart failure), he might need an ablation, which a very risky procedure on babies. To read Stellan updates, click the Praying for Stellan button on the right sidebar.

Have a great day!


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