Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 month check-up and update on Vance

This post is mainly for family since it's all about Vance's growth and development.

Vance turned 6 months old this week. Jeremy took him to the doctor since I wasn't feeling great and don't enjoy watching him get shots anyway. The doc said he's doing well. He is growing like crazy. You will see from his stats that he is huge in every sense of the word.

Height- 29 1/2 inches (more than 97th percentile- actually off the charts)
Weight- 19 lb. 9 oz. (75th-90th percentile)
Head - Huge! (90th percentile)

Vance is developing a personality and is always smiling or laughing! I did just discover one fear he has though- the hairdryer. A few minutes ago I took him into the room with me, so that I could dry my hair. I always do this when he's asleep, so I had no idea what was about to happen. I have NEVER heard him cry that much. He almost screamed as soon as I turned it on and was fine when I would turn it off. Samuel was never afraid of the hairdryer, so this is news to me!

Vance is doing well in physical therapy for torticollis. He's made a lot of progress in the past 2 months- Thank you Jesus and Cheryl Miller.

Vance is now sleeping on his back instead of on the pillow. This was a tough weaning process, but it was well worth it. Now he has more freedom to move when he sleeps, and we don't have to lug the pillow to the grandparents' houses. He seems happier on his back too. Speaking of sleep, Vance is sleeping a lot better during the day and at night (knock on wood). He hit 6 months and decided it was time to sleep. (Mommy also decided it was time for him to cry it out some, which helped.) He still has to figure out how to sleep past 5:30, but that seems minor to me compared to the way it used to be. Thankfully, he will go back to sleep on my chest or beside me until about 7AM. Considering he goes to bed before 8PM , I don't blame him for not wanting to sleep in...

You may be wondering how the reflux is. We have been seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist named Seth Marcus. He is a great doctor and is a good listener too. We will begin to wean Vance from the Prevacid in the next week or so. The doctor says that only 50% of babies need the medicine after 6 months, so he tends to wean a baby to see if they are fine without it. We could start the weaning process today, but I want to make it through our trip to the in-laws without risking the weaning not going so well. We will begin the process when we return and see how it goes. We are praying to be done with the medicine shortly. Just think- we are free from the reflux pillow and soon could be medicine free too. God is good!

Lastly, Vance is enjoying solids- He prefers sweet potatoes, pears, and peaches to squash and mixed veggies. I guess he is just like his mommy then... He is eating 3 meals a day of solids. Once he reaches 9 months, the gastro says that he can eat more than a few ounces at a time. He probably won't be complaining about that. Now that Vance is eating solids, he is drinking less formula. I think he will slim down some because of it and also once he starts crawling he will lose a little of his weight.

I almost forgot to say that Vance is talking more now. I heard him say "da" the other day, so I expect to hear "dada" in the next couple of months. Samuel was 8 months old when he said "dada", but that doesn't mean Vance will say it by then. We shall see.

sweet brothers!

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  1. Good news all the way around. It's really awesome about the sleeping. I know that makes for better days/nights for everyone.

    Vance is a tad taller than Bryce was at 6 months, but Bryce was slightly heavier. So, don't let crazy folks make you feel bad about his weight. Bryce thinned out beautifully once he started crawling/walking.

    Jeremy said you were not feeling well today. I hope you get to feeling better in time for Christmas.